Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sunday Swap - Shared Journal Experiment

I've been taking part in the UK Shared Journal Experiment on Swapbot.

Basically there are a series of journals going around the UK and every month you get a journal to fill in and then psot it to the next person.

This month I received an Art Journal.

The journal when it arrived with me

Another page from the Journal

And My Page

I hope I did it justice!Have you taken part in one of these?


  1. I haven't since there aren't a lot of awesome swaps that are international and with low shipping costs. The journal looks great. It seems so much fun to go through all the pages.

    Katrina Alana Follow Me #7

  2. i am currently in a swap called the magpie journal. i have to decorate at least 30 pages. we have a month or so to work. whew! it is fun, but thank you for posting your pages. makes me feel a bit more calm about my pages so far :)
    finish it!!!

    ~mamainshane, swap-bot, follow me #7