Saturday, June 16, 2012

Creative Chaos Blog Challenge - Geek Inspired!

Skye at Creative Chaos Blog set a challenge at the end of May in Honour of Fathers day.

"Raid the tool box, the junk drawer, or visit the hardware store to use up some of your pocket change ;) Then make a piece of jewelry out of your toolbox find / hardware store purchase and share it in your blog on June 16th."

 I asked G for some random "manly" junk I could upcycled and he gave me a grip-seal bag containing this.

My first thought on this bags of goodies was to make a rainbow bracelets but when I looked in to my stash of findings, none of my ribbon clamps were the right size.
Then I checked out the resistors but I couldn't get them clean enough. They were a bit rusty and dark in places. I'll look into how to clean them for the future though as I have some idea of what to make with them.
So I carried on with the bit of circuit board. I found I could cut it with my wire cutters which was a good sign and it didn't leave a sharp edge either. Bonus! So I even off all the edges and cut it in half so I could make two pieces from it.

I glued on a vintage escutcheon that I bought from a  vintage shop then wired on round tigers eye beads and some bronze tone butterfly connectors. 
I improvised a way to connect the cord by making spirals from the same wire that I made the eyepins from and clamping the cord ends in place.
Then onto the next piece of circuit board! I just love the patina on these keyholes!
And I thought I'd see what a similar pendant would look like with a chunky vintage style curb chain.
These are nice simple earrings using what I think may be LEDS? I've threaded patterned bone beads onto the wires that came out from them and used them like ball ended headpins for a quick fix pair of earrings.
Etsy is down at the moment but I'm hoping to get everything listed later today when I'm sure the glue has set properly and when Etsy is back up again after it's scheduled maintenance.

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  1. Fabulous... I never even thought of circuit board or old computer 'ribbon' >.< lol These turned out great :) I'm definitely going to host another of these in the fall, so you'll get a chance at using some of the rest, too ;)

  2. Sorry about the photos playing up. not all 5 of them are showing on my computer at the moment and my geeky OH is in bed at the moment. I just can't figure out the HTML

    I'll definitely be joining again. Thanks for my first try at a blog hop!

  3. Love what you did with the computer pieces. We had the same idea, but mine doesn't even come close to what you accomplished. Congrats, job well done!

  4. You took those circuit boards and made some grogeous pieces! What about that red wire..what you going to do with that?

  5. @Marlene: Great minds think alike :)

    @Shelley: Thankyou :) I'm not too sure but I have to admit that I have added it to my stash instead of giving it back. *laughs*

    @Sherri: Cheers!

  6. These are all awesome! I love the circuit board such a totally awesome idea!

  7. What awesome jewelry! I love the way you used the circuit boards with various metals, and added key-holes for charm. Everything you've created is beautifully handcrafted art! Thanks for creating for this cool and fun challenge!:)

  8. I just read that Sandra said I should leave my blog url on the challenge blogs. I'm hopping too:)

  9. Cheers! And I just popped over to see your design too Rita. Lovely work :)

  10. That circuit board works perfectly and it is very well integrated in the necklace. You created something really fabulous!


  11. I think your necklace is pretty. I finally got mine up a day late.

  12. Thanks Ambra!

    And Inge, I'll go and check yours out now :)

  13. Clever thing aren't you? Lovely job :) x